AVRIL 2019
Bulletin éducatif

Chers professeurs, chers amis,

De nombreuses nouvelles font la Une de ce numéro, et au–delà !
L'article d'opinion "Do you speak my language?" de Bénédicte de Montlaur, Conseillère culturelle de l’Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis, vient de paraître dans le New York Times.
Les programmes d’immersion continuent de faire entendre leur voix : les deux premiers LabelFrancEducation en Géorgie ont été remis à Evansdale et Trip Elementary lors de cérémonies les 6 et 14 mars derniers, un nouveau chapitre de l’initiative Bilingualism Matters vient d’être inauguré en Caroline du Sud.

Du côté des étudiants, les candidatures pour les parcours Education et DLI à GSU sont ouvertes jusqu’au 15 avril, l’appel à projet du Transatlantic Mobility Program vient d’ouvrir, l’édition 2019 de Tournées Film Festival en partenariat avec la fondation FACE sera bientôt annoncée et parcourez la sélection de films du programme Young French Cinema.

Découvrez dans votre rubrique En classe ! le nouveau partenariat entre CLE International et Vista Higher Learning donnant accès à des ressources en français pour le K-5, la sélection de ressources du CIEP pour l’enseignement des maths en français mais aussi le nouveau jeu de l’Institut français autour des expressions.

Bonne lecture !


Anne-Lise Gallay - anne-lise.gallay@diplomatie.gouv.fr

Attachée culturelle adjointe, chargée de la coopération éducative et universitaire


Bénédicte de Montlaur, Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy in the US, authored an op-ed in the New York Times on the impact of declining access to language education and the promise of recent approaches such as DLI programs.

"The necessity of foreign-language education could not be clearer right now. The future in America, and everywhere, is multilingual. And so is the present." she declared.

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Evansdale and Trip Elementary, two public schools in Georgia, received the LabelFrancEducation in March.

They have been awarded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in recognition of the high-quality of their DLI programs.


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The Scottish initiave Bilingualism Matters has a new chapter in the US at the University of South Carolina. The official launch took place on March 29 and was followed by the Many Voices 2019 inaugural conference.

Discover how their research will lead them to work with the local schools and beyond.

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On March 28, Campbell High School held the first ever edition of the Lafayette Debates Junior.

Teams, made of two Campbell HS students and one from Lycée Charles Jully in Saint-Avold (France), debated in French on the role of media and write-in/third-party candidates in democracy.

The winning team was chosen by a 4-member jury including Louis de Corail Consul general, Pascale Beyaert Cultural Attaché, Nathalie Brown President of AATF Georgia and Arielle Rochelin teacher at Campbell HS.

Prospective students and parents are invited to visit classes, partake in tours led by parent volunteers, meet faculty and staff, and learn about the school’s curriculum.

Discover Ecole du Samedi on April 27, 9:30am to noon.

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Study abroad in France and get a world-class education for less than in-state tuition. Only with better cheese.

Enter to win a "campus france usa application fee waiver"

Application deadline for the DLI education graduate and endorsement programs at GSU is April 15. 

GSU Early childhood and elementary education is partner with the Future Immersion Teacher Fellowship; an initiative of the Cultural Services and the FACE Foundation. Candidates at GSU are eligible to a scholarship up to $10,000 to pursue graduate programs and certifications.

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Bring French films on your campus!

Either you want to be part of Tournées Film Festival for the first time or want to do it again, application for the 2019 edition is coming soon!

Stay tuned.

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The Young French Cinema, a new generation of Directors, is a program of UniFrance and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S. 

This program is available to U.S. art house cinemas, film societies, the Alliance Française network and universities. The Program includes 12 feature films (11 French, one Canadian) and 8 short films. All films can be booked “à la carte”. For all requests and for access to screeners, please contact UniFrance (adeline.monzier@unifrance.org).

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Your college or university has a project to develop students mobility to France?

Have a look at the Transatlantic Mobility Program! Grants applications are open until May 8th.

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Vista Higher Learning partners with CLE International to provide K-5 French-language learning solutions in U.S.

Vista Higher Learning is now offering K-5 districts, schools, and libraries across the U.S. CLE International materials, including core programs Clémentine for grades K-1 and Zig Zag+ for grades 2-4, as well as a broad range of leveled French readers for elementary students.

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Bring idiomatic expressions in your classroom with this quiz created by the Institut français on the occasion of the International Day of Francophonie.

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On the occasion of the Maths Week in France, the CIEP Resources center made a selection of tools and activities to use in maths in French class.

Have a look at it!

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Be part of the first Albertine Prix Jeunesse and let your students vote for their favorite book!

 Heroes and heroines are in the spotlight for this first edition!

Discover the shortlisted books
Cultural Services of the French Embassy, 972 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY