JUNE 2019
Enjoy summer in French!

A meeting between the General Consul of France in Boston, Arnaud Mentré, and the Superintendent of Portland Public Schools in Maine, Mr Xavier Botana

According to research, bilingual children have a significant advantage when it comes to problem solving and ability to prioritize and better manage multiple tasks. Specialists have continuously confirmed that dual immersion programs can sharpen student focus and boost academic results.  Exploring a relationship and a path toward a French bilingual/immersion program in one of the Portland Public Schools was the main topic of our discussions with the Superintendent of PBS, Maine, Mr Xavier Botana. We are thrilled to announce that the French Consulate in Boston is eager to provide strategic and financial support to help PBS establish a new French Immersion Program in the near future. Grant funding and help to identify and recruit qualified teachers will be the core of this partnership.

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Congratulations to Flavien Collet, teacher at Bancroft School in Worcester and President of the French Alliance of Providence in Rhode Island for receiving the Chevalier dans l'ordre des Palmes Académique award for his tremendous and marvelous work promoting the thriving of the French language.
The Ordre des Palmes Académiques is an honorary title first instituted by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1808. Still awarded to this day, the title continues to honor professors and researchers who, through their work, bring honor and distinction to the language, people, or culture of France.
Thank you Flavien for your dedication to teaching and promoting French language and culture in New England.

Congratulations to the students of the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School, who did great at Le Grand Concours, the National French Contest, and the Latin Contest.
In total, from Grade 6 to Grade 8, 39 students received the Honors, 24 students received the Bronze Medal, 17 students received the Silver Medal, and 7 received the Gold Medal. Finally, one student in Grade 8 received the Platinum distinction, which means that this student obtained the perfect score. The students' success in the contest proves the excellence of the Benjamin Franklin School in the teaching of French. Bravo to the wining students. We are proud of all of you!

Félicitations à Everett Haitian Community Center et à Myrlande Desroisier pour avoir gagné le deuxième prix du Jury pour le concours organisé par le Centre des Amériques "Slame tes accents!" Slame tes Accents" valorise la diversité des accents et souligne la vitalité et le dynamisme de la francophonie des Amériques. Nous tenons à remercier tous les enseignants et éducateurs, ainsi que leurs élèves, qui ont participé à l'édition 2019 du concours "Slame tes accents". Au total, 90 vidéos provenant de 20 territoires des Amériques ont été reçues. Les gagnants de chaque catégorie (12 à 14 ans et 15 à 17 ans) et les vidéos reçues ont été évaluées par un jury international composé de personnes provenant de différentes régions des Amériques. Un immense merci pour votre collaboration et félicitations.

Regardez le Slam d'Everett Haitian Community Center at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC7oq-IENlM

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Lycée Saint Esprit, which is a French High School (grades 10-12) in Brittany is looking to establish an exchange program with an American High School on the East Coast.

Lycée Saint Esprit is situated in Brittany, one of France's most magnificent and friendly regions. Brittany is a fascinating mix of spectacular coastlines, medieval towns, magical islands, and inland woods visited by people from around the world. Students will benefit from a calm, safe, and culturally enriching living environment.

The school has about 200 students and is a one hour flight from Paris. It is also accessible via the high speed train route to Brest.

The school is highly interested in establishing a partnership and an exchange program with an American highschool in the Boston area. About 20 of the 11th and 12th grade students are looking forward to discovering the American way of life and sharing the French way of life with their counterparts.

Should you have any questions, please contact Jocelyne Kerscaven, English teacher, at jkerscaven@lyceesaintesprit.fr

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Saint Denis, a quest for excellence since 1858!

Saint-Denis International School (K-12) is situated in the Loire Valley of France. This beautiful region is a UNESCO worldwide heritage site, full of history and famous castles visited by people from around the world. Students would benefit from a calm and safe living environment in the medieval town of Loches.

Several options are available with Saint-Denis International School:

Option 1: School partnerships and exchanges - 
Classes and activities are organized for American school groups that wish to go on an exchange to the Saint-Denis International school.

Option 2: Summer camp in July -
This camp is designed to help students between the ages of 12 and 17 learn French. All levels are welcome! It includes lessons, multimedia workshops, sporting activities, full day excursions in Paris, EuroDisney, Futuroscope in Poitiers, etc. For more information go to: http://www.saint-denis.net/en/summer-camps

Option 3: Immersion program (from a month to a full year) -
The school has a dedicated staff specially trained in teaching French as a Foreign Language and offers programs that run either the length of the academic year or throughout the summer months.
For more information go at: http://www.saint-denis.net/en/academics/french-as-a-foreign-language

Should you have any questions, please contact Martin Chatagnon, Director of International Programs, at mchatagnon@saint-denis.net


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Carole FREDERICKS was the American singer who performed with Jean-Jacques GOLDMAN, and Michael JONES in the music trio, Fredericks Goldman Jones, in France from 1991 to 1996. A native of Springfield, MA, Carole enshrined the name of this city in the trio's hit song, Un, deux, trois from their 1991 debut album 'Fredericks Goldman Jones'.

Inspired by Carole Fredericks' life and music, a program called "Paris/Boston Classes Duo Program" is set up with the aim to connect school students in Paris and Boston.

This program is a cultural exchange inspired by the life of Massachusetts-born singer who spent the last 22 years of her life in France. The students exchange emails and participate in monthly video conferences in French and English. Each class will prepare a video presentation in their partner's language and learn about Carole's music.

Would you be interested in a partnership with a school in France utilizing Carole Fredericks' life and music? Please send an email to cfm@cdfmusiclegacy.com

Integrating Contemporary French and Francophone Culture in the Classroom

Teaching French may be one of the most challenging educational jobs out there! Thankfully, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US propose many excellent resources for French teachers, all designed on how to integrate contemporary French and francophone culture in the classroom. You will find here an incredible collection of tools and resources for teaching French, including power point presentations, activities, and videos, along with many teaching tips for all levels from K to 12. Most activities and presentations can be adapted all the way up to the level, age and interests of your students.
Check out this list of great resources prepared by Pierre-Yves ROUX, a specialist of French language acquisition at the Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) in Paris. As he best says, “We cannot imagine teaching and learning a foreign language without bringing a particular focus to the associated culture, ensuring that our methods are integrated with the real culture at hand”.
Take advantage of the countless pedagogical materials available now for free and for all French teachers with wonderful teaching ideas, quizzes, fun games, supplemented with videos for numerous different unit lessons.

Enrich your students’ learning by sharing these excellent resources at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19IeGN8uqhnXYuFPVsxXsxUltvSpmz5_B?usp=sharing

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Position Type: Full-time


Two or more years of French teaching experience with a proven track record of high achievement in the classroom.
Strong classroom management skills.
Experience leading instruction in urban school settings.
ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.
Fluency in French.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, alongside the ability to establish and maintain effective and collaborative working relationships with a diverse staff and student body.
Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree strongly preferred.
Massachusetts Teacher License in French language instruction required.

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Starting Date: August 28, 2019 Position Type: Full time

South Portland High School is searching for a dynamic individual to join the World Languages Department as a Full-Time French teacher. The initial teaching assignment likely includes sections of Level III, IV, and V French. The ideal candidate will be certified in French. Applicants must be interested in working collaboratively with other World Language teachers on curriculum, instruction, assessment in an educational program committed to providing multiple opportunities and pathways to student success. Applicants should be willing to make student achievement an ultimate priority.

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