Le Café français arrive!

Vous êtes enseignants et vivez en Nouvelle-Angleterre ? Vous êtes francophones et souhaitez enseigner le français ? Venez développer votre réseau professionnel au Café Français, un événement organisé par les Services Culturels du Consulat général de France à Boston, le 18 octobre de 17h00 à 18h30, à la Résidence de France à Cambridge. Evènement-networking rassemblant des professeurs de français de Nouvelle-Angleterre et la population francophone intéressée par les métiers de l'enseignement, cette recontre pourra vous permettre de mieux appréhender l’enseignement du français dans la région (dans le Massachussetts en particulier). Des informations relatives aux modalités pour devenir enseignant de français seront présentées, ainsi que les outils de soutien mis à la diposition des professeurs de français.

Inscrivez-vous gratuitement en envoyant un courriel à edit.dibra@diplomatie.gouv.fr

En raison de la capacité limitée de la salle, premier arivé, premier servi !

Dates: October 25 2018, 07:00 AM - October 27 2018, 03:00 PM

Dear teachers of foreign languages! Be sure you include plans to join MaFLA colleagues in October for the Annual MaFLA Fall Conference which will be held October 25-27 in Springfield, at the Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel.
Use this as a chance to learn best practices, network with other local colleagues, and find the gem to take back to your district. From feedback and technology to proficiency strategies and intercultural competencies, jump on board with these sessions for your pedagogy PDPs and your students.
Register by September 28 for best prices!  Click here to register online and reserve your seat.

Especially for French teachers:

Friday October 26 – Workshop on Francophone cinema with Presenter Mariette Monpierre, well-known “cineaste” from Guadeloupe, director of the award-winning film “Le Bonheur d’Elsa” who will discuss the themes of identity, and social and racial problems which women face in today’s society!

Friday Sessions:  Meet the K12 Education Officer, Edit Dibra, from the French Cultural Services in Boston and learn how the FCS can help you promote your program (online resources, scholarships) and energize your students (exchanges/field trips)!

Also, sessions on Infomatics and Bandes dessinées, “Slam Poetry,” Sitcoms & Reality TV & the French presence in New England.

Saturday Sessions, October 27, on Using Picture Books, Francophone Cinema, Advocacy and an Interview with Mariette Monpierre on her future projects!

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On October 3rd at Boston College, Tufts University and International School of Boston

This year’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of “May ‘68” gives us the opportunity to revisit a turning point in the history of France, particularly through in-depth analysis of Charles de Gaulle’s political choices. Our hope is to share General de Gaulle’s leadership example in order to inspire young generations of American students on the path to becoming future leaders in international careers.

Moreover, for aspiring international professionals, the French language now plays an increasingly important role in the professional areas of international relations and business. The second conference will also give universities the opportunity to learn more about Business French Diplomas created by the Paris Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

Both conferences, led by Diane Grillère from Charles de Gaulle Foundation and Anaïs Ravet from French for Business of the Paris Region CCI, are free and open to everyone.

Come and join us at:

Boston College
Lyons Hall
11.00 a.m-12.00 p.m

Tufts University -The Fletcher School
160 Packard Avenue
02.00 p.m-04.00 p.m

Lycée International de Boston - International School of Boston
45 Matignon Road - Cambridge
04.30 p.m -06.00 p.m

From November 5, 2018 to November 7, 2018

At The French Cultural Center, 53 Marlborough St, Boston, MA, 02116

Stage de 24 heures en présentiel complet (horaires et programme seront communiqués lors de l’inscription; début du stage le 5 novembre à 9h).

Formation habilitante examinateurs- correcteurs aux niveaux A1, A2, B1, B2 pour le DELF Junior/Pro/TP.

Date limite d'inscription: le vendredi 26 octobre 2018.

Tous les participants doivent soumettre un CV en français avec date de naissance à education@frenchculturalcenter.org.

Formateur: Fabrizio Mazzetta, coordinateur des programmes adultes au French Cultural Center/Alliance Française Boston.

Capacité: 25 participants

Frais de stage: $220

Pour le tarif enseignant en Alliance Française, merci de contacter le département de l'éducation au 617.912.0415.

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La recette N°1 pour enseigner le FLE par le théâtre : le rituel d'accueil !

En tant que professeur, il vous arrive de vous demander comment utiliser la méthode du français par le théâtre dans vos cours. Même si vous détenez de nombreuses ressources suite à la formation « Le théâtre en classe de FLE », vous vous posez peut-être encore quelques questions.

Iris Munos a eu l’idée d’animer un blog dans lequel elle publiera de nombreux articles accompagnés de tutoriels, fiches pédagogiques et exercices à télécharger pour optimiser vos cours de FLE et ateliers de théâtre.
Le blog Théâtre FLE (site web 10 SUR 10) sera alimenté de pages pédagogiques sur la méthode d’apprentissage/enseignement du français par le théâtre.

Pour commencer: la recette N°1 pour enseigner le FLE par le théâtre : le rituel d'accueil !

Enseigner le Français Langue Étrangère n’est pas chose simple, c’est sûr. (..) Conserver l’attention des élèves tout au long du cours est particulièrement difficile. Quel exercice choisir, à quel moment, comment faire pour que les élèves ne « décrochent » pas... ?

Suivez le blog https://www.10sur10.com.pl/2018/09/10/la-recette-n-1-pour-enseigner-le-fle-par-le-th%C3%A9%C3%A2tre-le-rituel-d-accueil/

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Miller Elementary School, Holliston, MA

"A picture is worth a thousand (French) words" is a fun, dynamic workshop that will be conducted entirely in French by author and illustrator Sandra Lanilis at Miller Elementary School in Holliston, MA. The workshop allows 4th and 5th grade classes to illustrate their own books which will be given to them during the workshop. After having read the story with the students, Sandra Lanilis will present her work specific to the story, and then lead the illustration activity with the students. By the end of the workshop, each student will have created their own unique illustrations of the book!

The books illustrated by the students will be exhibited in a public community space.

Thursday October 11, 2018, in the Weber Theater, at Wheaton College, at 7:30 pm.

Wind, Sand, and Stars

This fall, the French Studies Department is bringing again André Nerman to Wheaton College. "Terre des hommes" by Antoine de St Exupery will perform on Thursday October 11th, 2018, in the Weber Theater at 7:30 pm.

The narrator of The Little Prince is an aviator, the same as its author. Two men in a small plane, surrounded by a sea of clouds, begin to talk. They know that, from a higher perspective, the walls between peoples and cultures disappear.

Tickets are $4.00

Thursday, 8 November 2018 @ 9:30 AM
East Greenwich HS, 300 Avenger Drive, East Greenwich, RI

In celebration of «National French Week», the board of the AATF-RI proudly presents the music of Canadian rapper «Webster». Webster, (real name Aly Ndiaye), was born and raised in Québec to a Senegalese father and a Québécoise mother. Webster has been performing since 1990 and releasing albums since 2000. For the past ten years, he has traveled the world to present writing workshops and concerts to adolescent students of French in order to demonstrate the creative ways he uses French in his music.

Cost per student : $ 3

Registration / Payment form at www.aatfri.com  For those programs seeking a grant to help offset transportation costs, please contact:
Michael Hébert, President: aibere@live.com


Application Deadline: October 9, 2018 Starting Date: October 2018

Natick High is a brand new, state of the art, green high school. Please visit the school website and upload: Cover letter, Resume,  MA DESE license,  3 recent letters of recommendation. Bachelor degree preferred; Citizenship, residency or work visa required

Please complete an online application at www.natickps.org The online application is the preferred method of application, however, if you wish to apply by mail, please send the required items to:

Marianne Davis, Director of Human Resources,  Natick Public Schools,13 E. Central Street,  Natick, MA 01760

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Application Deadline: October 3, 2018 Starting Date: Immediately

French teacher sought to join the Wareham High School faculty in the 2018-2019 school year.
This position includes a number of essential responsibilities, including (but not limited to) the following:
Teach 6 high school level French classes in grades 8-12; three classes and a prep per school day.
Develop engaging and meaningful daily lessons aligned with the Common Core Curriculum in collaboration with department colleagues and the department chair.
Uphold high academic and behavioral expectations for students, and provide appropriate support in guiding students to meet those expectations, etc.

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