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JUNE 2014
French Authors on Tour

This fall, the Book department in partnership with the Collège International de Philosophie will launch a new series “Minds in Migration”, in which it will explore how philosophy informs and feeds from artistic, social, political spheres. The series will be launched in September and will carry on throughout 2015. In 2014, it will feature Barbara Cassin, Scholastique Mukasonga (US tour), Didier Fassin, and Jean-Godefroy Bidima (NY only). The authors will discuss recent works on conflict resolution, the untranslatables, Foucault’s legacy and more.

In November, authors Oliver Rohe and Philippe Vasset will come to US and take part in the French & American Reviews Forum. In this New York symposium, American and French editorial directors and authors will exchange ideas and share their experiences in publishing literary magazines.

Also coming to the US this fall, Françoise Vergès and Marc Crépon, will both explore the question of memory. Illustrations and comic enthusiasts, will, get an opportunity to discover the gloomy and fancy universe of Arthur de Pins’ Zombillenium, along with How fast things go! by children book illustrator Marie-Laure Cruschi.
All of these authors would be delighted to meet other audiences all over the U.S. Are you interested?

Through our booking program, the authors are available for panel discussions, readings, signings, and symposia, with limited funding available. Priority will be given to institutions that submit a detailed project for an American audience, especially events with wide visibility such as book fairs and multidisciplinary festivals. Preference will also be given to panels involving international or American writers, or events organized in conjunction with an exhibition or another special program. To apply, please read the application procedures, fill out the application form, and send it to Marine Baudoin for fiction and Anne-Sophie Hermil for non-fiction.

We look forward to hearing about your projects and organizing events with you this fall. More writers are to be announced soon as we prepare for the launch of our New York French bookstore.

Marine and Anne-Sophie

The French Book Department


October 13-24, 2014

Arthur de Pins is a French illustrator and comic book author. His gloomy and fancy graphic novel Zombillenium was just published in 2014 by NBM publishing. Arthur de Pins has been working, for over a year now, as director and screenwriter on the feature film adaptation of Zombillenium.

October 30-November 14, 2014

Olivier Rohe has published two books in United-States, Vacant Lot, translated by Laird Hunt, Counterpath Press and Origin Unknown, translated by Lauren Messina and Jane Kuntz, Dalkey Archive Press. As the founding member of the Inculte publishing house, for which he has co-directed several essays and collective position papers, Rohe also writes segments for France Culture’s radio program and collaborates with many periodicals and magazines (Nouvelle Revue française (NFR), Revue Etudes, Pensée de Midi, Revue Feuilleton, etc.).

November 2014 (Exact dates TBC)

After studies in Washington D.C., Philippe Vasset published several books, his fictions are considered as non-standard and go beyond literary genres; molded by reality. The author calls them “exofiction”. Press reviews suggest that Vasset’s unusual style of writing may be forging a new genre of geographical literature.

November 2014 (Exact dates TBC)

Marie-Laure Cruschi is a children’s book illustrator and graphic designer. Her latest book Full Speed Ahead! How fast things go published by Abrams is at the intersection of art, graphic design, illustration and typography. With a keen sense of color and geometric modular designs, she enjoys experimenting with various graphic devices in playful, poetic and sometimes even didactic manners, creating narrative universes that are perpetually in renewal.

October 12-20, 2014

Barbara Cassin is Doctor of Philosophy and Emeritus Research Director at the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. A program Director at the International College of Philosophy, she is also Director of its Scientific Counci, a member of its Board of Directors, and since January 2011, she has ensured its presidency. The author of more than 20 book, Cassin is the editor of the ambitious philosophical lexicon Dictionary of Untranslatables (Princeton University Press, 2014). 

October 23 - November 03-04, 2014

Inspired by one of his professors, Serge Boucheron, to turn towards moral and political disciplines of philosophy, Marc Crépon attended the Ecole Normale Supérieure. He has taught philosophy at Nanterre University before moving to the USSR. This stay abroad greatly influenced his philosophical reflections on relations between political and linguistic communities. He returned to the ENS in 2011 and was recruited as head of the philosophy department and later as head of its sciences and humanities Ecole doctorale. His The Thought of Death and the Memory of War was published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2013.

November 10-22, 2014

Françoise Vergès was born in Paris and grew up in La Réunion and Algeria. A journalist for 8 years (1975-1983) for the monthly then weekly journal Des Femmes en mouvement, she was also the editor of the collection “des femmes en lutte dans tous les pays” (women fighting in every country) for the publishing house Des femmes. She has published extensively on postcolonial theory, creolization, psychoanalysis, slavery and the economy of predation and Frantz Fanon and Aimé Césaire. She was recently appointed as Chair of of the new department of Postcolonial Studies ("Postcolonialisme, et après...") at the Collège d’études mondiales.

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